For 18 years AUXWEG’s team of highly qualified engineers have managed the start-to-end process of planning, installation and implementation of numerous sound and lighting systems around the world.

With our clients’ goals in mind, and leveraging from our direct contacts with equipment manufacturers while maintaining both brand and product independence, AUXWEG always offers professional yet cost-effective solutions customised to suit our clients’ specific needs.


One of the key elements to an entertainment venue’s success is its Sound & Light setup.
A common pitfall occurs when entertainment venue owners work with the wrong vendor. Unsuitable equipment, over-purchasing, costly maintenance costs, long downtimes, setup & configuration mistakes; an unnecessary amount of the budget gets swallowed up yet the client is left both frustrated and dissatisfied.
AUXWEG avoids such unfortunate outcomes by careful communication and understanding of the client’s needs, recommending solutions best suited to the situation. Even upon the completion of a job, we will continue to accompany the client and go that extra mile with the goal of ensuring the concept’s ultimate success.


Let AUXWEG find the perfect solution for your concept and implement a system that’s both easy to operate and maintain. Save time and money while retaining flexibility, so you can focus on your main business.

From simple background music play over live band setups, to multiple areas playing back different inputs, we will design an ideal setup specific to your budget and needs.


Aural experiences have often a subtle yet significant influence on people. Poor audio caused by badly designed or configured sound setups can often distract and annoy potential customers.

AUXWEG.Tech will recommend precisely engineered solutions that will create the desired atmosphere for your premises and the right mood for your customers, while fulfilling landlord / regulation requirements and not annoy neighbouring units.

Ambient Lighting


AUXWEG is able to carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance for a wide range of equipment, doing so in a cost-effective manner with the goal to help our clients save money by prolonging the performance and life of your equipment.

Avoid long downtimes due to shipping of equipment elsewhere for repair. We diagnose and resolve equipment faults; carrying out any necessary repair work or source genuine replacement parts. Regular on-site servicing and maintenance can also be arranged.

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