Over the years, has developed numerous software applications from scratch, with every line of code written with the goal to create solutions that simplify and improve time & cost efficiencies for various aspects of bar & nightclub management.
Start managing your business in a smarter, more efficient way. Decrease patrons’ queueing time with our Door Host Manager, increase interactivity with Membership hardware & software solutions, help your staff organise and monitor table bookings & reservations via the multi-user Table Booking App, bill your guests plus keep precise overview of stock counts with our POS & Inventory solutions, and utilise our powerful AUXWEG Media Player to manage and route media content to LED screens and displays.
Enhance your online presence with a White Label SEO-optimised? website, multifunctional payment processing smartphone apps for all operating systems, with integrated games & loyalty points reward functions.
Every application can be linked up to integrate within a unified system without hassle.

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A powerful tool for managing & organising input / output and visual content. Complex, sensitive and expensive hardware such as video-matrix splitters are no longer needed, and long cumbersome HDMI cableways that may cause delays can be avoided with Ethernet-only solutions.
With the AUXWEG Media Player you can easily decide which content to be played on which display screen, in any specified timing or sequence. Turn devices on and off remotely via the Wake On LAN function, schedule advertisements in your playlists, and even display live scrolling text messages in a matter of seconds.
Easy to use with support for almost every format, the AUXWEG Media Player simplifies your media server system requirements and makes other software & devices unnecessary.


Create different membership tiers and issue individualised membership cards with barcode check-in function to your regular guests, members and VIPs. Keep track of their appearances and activities, with the option to reward them with discounts and perks.
Manage collected data smarter and be notified of special events such as members’ birthdays and other useful information, such as members’ favourite / most purchased drinks.
Build your membership system to be utilised for collaboration with third-party brands and partners for potential cross-marketing possibilities.


Clipboard and Pen in our modern digital age? Please.
Easily manage your guest lists with our Door Host Manager. Cut down guest processing times at the door and let them patronise your club sooner. Keep count on the number of guests through the door, and via which channels.
Simplify searches through your lists and get printout reports for statistical purposes. Create separate accounts for staff and promoters allowing them to remotely submit guest names, while setting predefined rules and limits for each account.
Make use of the massive data gathering possibilities to better visualise key statistics such as peak hours of sales, best performers, etc.
All the above is possible, and with an intuitive easy-to-use user interface.


The multi-user TableBooking Centre organises bookings & reservations and allows your management and operations staff access to live & up-to-date booking status. Reservations made via phone/email to back office staff can also be easily added & updated to the system.
Integrate the TableBooking Centre into your website and simplify data collecting tasks such as guests’ names, phone number, email addresses. See which of your sales channels are performing well and keep track of sales and commissions with automatically generated daily / monthly reports. All done hassle-free and without losing overview.


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