Give your venue the final, if not the most important touch: A professional lighting system. Discover the countless possibilities offered by today’s technology to create your desired effects & atmosphere.

Our team can carry out your plans and offer complementing creative ideas and concepts, ultimately working towards fulfilling your vision for your establishment.

Be it systems that are just right, or sophisticated super club installations that raise the level on the ‘wow’ factor, we will support you on your project from start-to-finish and even after.


Use lighting effects and support your DJs and artistes in creating memorable nights with breath-taking experiences for your guests. The combination of traditional effects and modern technology, paired with intuitive and easy-to-use live control makes it all possible.

Moving heads, scanners, colour washes, projections, lasers. We take care of the entire process from purchase, shipping & import, installation, programming, & finally staff training, for professional in-house operation of your lighting effects equipment.


Put your venue in the right light and tap on the transformative effect of lighting technology to give your bar a unique signature and feel.

Dynamic exciting energy? Laidback casual? Classy and subtle? AUXWEG can find the perfect solution for your establishment whatever your needs.


Complement your light installation with state-of-the-art laser technology and set highlights. Create emotionally binding and stunningly beautiful moments for your guests with lighting and laser work blending together to create breath-taking visual scapes.


Create the desired mood and feel with automated or creative ambient lighting setups for your entrance, lobby, shop, restaurant or bar, and utilise every available space to support your overall concept & experience.

Consider integrating a sound system that will complement and enhance the overall multi-sensory experience. Speak with us regarding our sound system solutions.


We offer a diverse range of lighting control systems to meet your requirements. From hardware control panels to individual software solutions, we will pick the ideal option and train your staff such that you can make the most of the features of your system.

Control systems are a component that can easily blow up your budget; speak with us regarding our custom-made MIDI hardware / software combination solution that allows for easy and intuitive operation.

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